2007 - ‘NETS FOR URBAN CAPACITY BUILDING’ by Franz Oswald at ecbp- Lecture Series Engineering towards Development and Change at Addis Ababa University

2008 - Accord between Ato Helawi Yoseph, Founding President of Amhara Development Association (ADA), and NESTown Group, Fasil Giorghis and Franz Oswald, to develop the design for Amhara Model Town at Lake Tana within one year.

2009 - Design submission of Amhara Model Town to Ato Helawi Yoseph by NESTown Group; Exhibition of Amhara Model Town Design in ETHiopia Urban Laboratory Pavilion at EIABC / AAU in combination with the inauguration of Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development (EiABC / AAU), Addis Ababa; Start- up Initiatives, Wettingen, first campaign for maintenance workshops and mechanic handicraft; HOLCIM Foundation for Sustainable Construction, Zurich, research fund for 2010 – 2012

2010 - Buranest Town Inauguration Ceremony under the lead of RUPI, General Director Wro Genet Gebre Eyesus; Green Ethiopia Foundation, Winterthur, Kurt Pfister, President, funds the Buranest tree nursery; Benjamin Stähli, New Town Coordinator, starts working locally under contract by ETHZ, Prof. Dr. Marc Angelil

2011 – Kebele Council Vote on Buranest Master Plan and Action Plan; SEUL (Singapore ETHiopia Urban Laboratory) at FCL/SEC; Woreda Libo kemkem Implementation Committee, in action; Cost Sharing Agreement between Amhara Government and NESTown Group; 1st NESTown Workshop I in Bahir Dar: Shaping Urban Ethiopia – the Case of Lake Tana Region, Lead HCU / Prof. Dr. Dieter Laepple

2012 – Bridge over Shene River and Access road to Buranest town centre; successful test of Prototype II Construction for Model House Buranest; ABZ Letter of Intent, signed by H.E. Ato Ahmed Abtew, Vice President of Amhara Region; Ato Aderaw, Head, Cooperative Promotion Agency (CPA) and Peter Schmid (ABZ President)