Nestown Group

Nestown Group is an association founded and domiciled in Bern, Switzerland. Its purpose entails the

  • Development and constant re-evaluation of models for small sustainable towns mainly in rural areas.
  • Support of self building, self management and self governance.
  • Preparation of the implementation and management of these model towns.
  • Coordination and active support of the realization in situ.
  • Securing the collaboration with the local authorities and the civil society with its organizations.
  • Implementation of quality controls according to scientific criteria, evaluation and communication of new insights.
  • Securing and promoting people and their competence in the concerned tasks and the concerned country.
  • Realization of the Amhara Model Town ‘Buranest’ in Ethiopia.


Organs of Nestown Association

The organs of the association are the general assembly, the steering committee, the presidency.

  1. The General Assembly

The general assembly has the following functions:

  • Election of the steering committee.
  • Nomination of an auditor.
  • Acceptance and change of bylaws.
  • Acceptance of new members.
  • Determination of membership fees.
  1. The Steering Committee

The steering committee consists of all founding members. It nominates the president and two vice presidents. 

  1. The Presidency

The presidency consists of the president and two vice presidents. At least one member is Ethiopian. It represents the association in all external matters, runs the regular business of the association, puts together the annual accounts, and is responsible for the website.