Founding members and members of the steering committee:

  • Marc Angélil, Prof. Dr. ETHZ, Architect, Zurich 
  • Philippe Block, Prof. Dr. ETHZ, Structural Engineer, Zurich 
  • Fasil Giorghis, Lecturer EiABC/AAU, Architect, Addis Ababa; Vice President
  • Dieter Läpple, Prof.em Dr. HCU- Hamburg, Hamburg
  • Franz Oswald, Prof. em ETHZ, Bern; President
  • Monika Oswald, Bern
  • Peter Schenker, Architect, Bern; Vice President
  • Benjamin Stähli, Architect/New Town Coordinator, Bahir Dar; Auditor
  • Roland Walthert, Dr. Ing., Wettingen
  • Zegeye Cherenet, Lecturer EiABC/AAU, Architect, Addis Ababa/Hamburg; Webmaster