Guiding Ideas



NESTown is the name for the town concept guided by 4E

  • Education: Towns are places where knowledge and skills are generated. Education is needed in the formation and management of towns as physical and social constructs. NESTown promotes education to enable the inhabitants to develop and manage their own town by themselves.
  • Ecology: Nature is the basic resource. It is cultivated and used within its own rules of natural cycles and systems. Developing towns based on natural resource cycles and recycling is considered as the main pillar in implementing the concept of sustainability.
  • Exchange: Communication and exchange are key factors for direct market access, entrepreneurship and value added production. They are basic assets of agriculture, forestation, manufacturing through diverse enterprises and cooperative societies.
  • Energy: Without energy there is no individual or communal activity, no production or reproduction. The efficient use of energy implies renewable resources available on site, the concentration of settlement structure and transportation infrastructure.